archery attack bos

Archery attach

in Bergen forest

let the battle begin!

What do you get when you combine archery with dodgeball? This cool sport called Archery Attack! Once the players have their longbow and a few arrows, the fight begins. A safe game due to the rubber tip on the arrows. A face mask for protection is compulsory though.

This activity consists of two parts:

teambattle try to hit the opponent’s target as often as possible.

survival of the fittest an individual battle, who will survive?

duration 1 hour
location blooming beach or blooming hotel
price € 15.00 p.p. incl. VAT
group size max. 8 persons, combination of activities is possible for larger groups (surcharge)
bike rental i.c.w. activity € 6.50 per bike (from blooming hotel)

contact us via +3172 582 0520 or via