beach olympics

blooming olympics

at blooming beach in Bergen aan Zee

a sporty beach program

A sporty beach program with five games at the activity beach in Bergen aan Zee. Water sports can be added to this program. At the end, there can only be one winner and this team will be celebrated with a glass of sparkling.

beach volleyball have you paid close attention to the matches of European champions Nummerdor and Schuil

ultimate frisbee this combination of rugby and frisbee doesn’t require strength, just effort.

discgolf like golf, but with a frisbee. Throw the frisbee in the baskets in as few throws as possible.

tug-of-war who is the strongest in the sand.

watercourse be the first to fill the bucket, a relay race where the trick is to waste as little water as possible.

duration 2,5 hours
location blooming beach 
price € 29.50 p.p. incl. a drink & bite and VAT
group size min. 10 persons (€ 26.50 p.p. for a group of 30 persons or more) 
bike rental i.c.w. activity € 6.50 per bike (from blooming hotel)

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