beach olympics

brain games

at blooming in Bergen

team spirit and concentration

Team spirit and concentration are put to the test with these five game elements. The winning team will be celebrated with a glass of sparkling.

tangram lay down 7 pieces of jigsaw in the depicted form as quickly as possible.

laddergolf score as many points as possible by throwing the bolos onto the rack of the other team.

maze find the right combination to the maze’s exit on a life-sized checkerboard.

portable radio puzzel give instructions via the portable radio to solve your puzzle as quickly as possible.

watercourse be the first to fill the bucket, a relay race where the trick is to waste as little water as possible.

duration 2 hours 
location blooming beach, blooming hotel or blooming estate Het Hof
price € 21.50 p.p. incl. a drink & bite and VAT
group size min. 10 persons (€ 19.50 p.p. for a group of 30 persons or more)
bike rental i.c.w. activity € 6.50 per bike (from blooming hotel)

contact us via +3172 582 0520 or via