blooming beach surfen

blooming surf

surf's up in Bergen aan Zee

breaking the waves

Our beach rental shop has everything you need for a day at the beach. With a variety of boards to choose from you can go for a challenging session in the waves or a relaxing tour along the coastline. The shop is always open on sunny days so walk by and choose the board that suits you and the waves.

Too cold? Wetsuits are available in various sizes and included in the price. We also have life vests for the little surfers. You can freshen up afterwards at our outdoor shower.

You can safely store your belongings in our storage unit.

Duration: 1 hour
body board € 5.00
surf board (8.6 soft top) € 15.00
paddle board (10.9 / 12 hard board) € 15.00

Duration: 2 hour
body board € 7.50
surf board (8.6 soft top) € 20.00
paddle board (10.9 / 12 hard board) € 20.00


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