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a place to bloom!

blooming with a small letter 'b'

blooming is a verb, hence the small ‘b’. blooming works with passion and surprise with the wishes of those with a keen eye for beautiful, local products and services. blooming nurtures the creation of new   

ideas and opportunities.

It's the dotted ‘i’ that squares the circle at blooming.

contributing to charity

The blooming group has a special shareholder: the blooming foundation. The shareholder has included in its statute that a portion of the profits are to be given back to our environment and the region through the blooming foundation. The board of the foundation determines which educational and social projects the money is spent on. Thus, we contribute to a fair, sustainable and socially responsible society. blooming works together with Scorlewald, an anthroposophic healthcare institution where people with a disadvantage live and work.

The Hoftuin, the gardens at the estate, is the working ground of  


Scorlewald. Scorlewald residents grow vegetables, fruits and flowers there which are used by blooming hotel, 'landgoed Het Hof' and blooming beach. In order for the shareholder to perform these particular tasks, blooming needs to be a profitable business. But there is also another purpose in that commercial goal: blooming wants to deliver a socio-cultural contribution and work towards a sustainable future in almost all ways. So, for example, purchasing, energy supply, waste management, human resources and choice of suppliers is done out of that philosophy.

blooming continues to grow and flourish. We are blooming.

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our conditions

Please refer to the Uniform Hospitality Conditions that we adhere to in case you need to cancel your reservation. You can find the Uniform Hospitality Conditions here.

blooming pays the utmost attention to the maintenance of this website. Nevertheless, the text on this website is not legally binding. blooming is not responsible for information on any website to which this website (www.weareblooming.com) refers. 

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blooming information

praise and complaints
At blooming, a happy guest is the biggest compliment we can receive. But if you're dissatisfied about something, despite our best intentions, and you wish to make a complaint then please email the management of blooming hotel via welcome@weareblooming.com. You will receive a response as soon as possible. 

lost & found
If you've accidentely left some belongings at blooming then we will try our best to deliver these back to you. To organize this well, we ask you to send an email to welcome@weareblooming.com with a full description of the item(s).

We will then let you know whether the item(s) have been found. Should this be the case, there are two ways to get your belongings back:

1. You can pick up your belongings at blooming.

2. You can have your belongings send to you by post. To arrange this, you will receive an email from blooming via which you can instruct PostNL to send the parcel to you. The website explains exactly how this is done .

All found items are stored for three months after which they are donated to a local thrift store.

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