blooming stichting

the blooming foundation

what does the blooming foundation do?

The blooming foundation is, as owner of the blooming group, responsible for the coordination and supervision of the social projects which are selected by the foundation. blooming is a commercial hospitality company without shareholders. 

The aim of the foundation is to reinvest the company's profits in the form of projects or partnerships and into the organization itself and its staff.
Here are a few examples of projects from the last few years.  

open hoftuindag

Open day Hof garden

Those who enjoy nature, beautiful gardens and organic products were able to indulge during the Hof garden open day at Het Hof. This day was organized together with Scorlewald.

theaterweekend blooming

Theater weekend

Theater, music and cabaret lovers could enjoy the theater weekend at blooming hotel. blooming was the place to be with special theatrical performances, intimate concerts, creative workshops and street performances.

70 jaar blooming

70 years of age

The 70-year old anniversary of blooming was celebrated with all 70-year olds in Bergen. Anyone who could demonstrate being 70-years old on the 10th of September was invited to Het Hof for coffee and cake.

dialoog blooming

In dialogue

Pupils of the local highschool in Bergen where given dialogue sessions. These taught them how to engage in a conversation with the eldery about the history of Bergen in a relaxed and curious manner.

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