Social Corporate Responsibility

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CSR is part of our DNA

Corporate Social Responsibility is an official part of blooming, it flows through our veins and it is an essential part of our blooming DNA. This is why, in 2018, we've appointed an advisor CSR. The advisor CSR cooperates with multiple co-workers from different departments to shape the CSR strategy of blooming. 

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. This means that we want to share responsibility for societal problems like pollution, climate change, working conditions, taking care of our surroundings and social support of all involved in our organisation. 

CSR starts with companies who try not to make the problems any bigger. But at blooming we take it to the next level. We strive to contribute on solving these problems. And this is why we allways take into account the social effects of our activities. This applies to all the company processes; from purchasing, sales, maintenance to HR and marketing communication. This is why at blooming CSR is not just a project. It is a wider view on the core activities of our organisation. 

discover how we do it



At blooming beach we only serve drinks with #geenplastic (noplastic) straws. These straws consists of renewable vegetable raw materials like cornstarch and sugar cane. After six months, these straws are completely degraded in a natural way.


Sustainable bamboo toothbrushes

New at the blooming hotel: the 100% organic and bamboo toothbrushes from Hydrophil. Not only have we added the toothbrushes to our shop, we also provide the toothbrushes for hotel guest who forgot to bring their own. The toothbrushes are waterneutral, vegan and 100% fair.



At blooming, our guests sleep on a Coco-Mat mattress. This means; a great night's rest for everybody who sleeps on it. Coco-Mats' source of inspiration is nature itself. De mattresses are made of exceptional sustainable materials, like natural latex and horse hair. No metal springs are used. They consist of multiple different layers and are designed to provide the perfect body support.


Every year, 8 million kilo's of plastic ends up in the ocean, including lots of plastic waterbottles. blooming and Dopper consider this as a very bad thing. This is why the hotel closed the tap for the plastic single-use bottle. In 2018, blooming joined the Dopper Foundation international PET FREE movement. Now, every business guest at our hotel is given a Dopper bottle. They can refill the bottle at multiple tapping points in the hotel.

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The Good Roll

Our toiletpaper from The Good Roll is made of 100% recycled paper. No chlorine, no dyes and no aromatics. This means: no logging, less use of water and less CO2 emission. Trees are to be hugged. They are not here to end up as paper in our toilet. By purchasing the Good Rool toilet paper, The Good Roll can invest 50% of its profits into the construction of toilets for people who need them the most.


All the swill- and compost waste from our kitchen and restaurant is retrieved separately. On a daily basis, a cliënt of Scorewald collects the waste with a special cargo bike. The unprocessed waste is brought to the compost pile at the Hofgarden. The processed waste is brought to the compost machine at Scorewald.

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The Hofgarden

The Hofgarden is situated at blooming estate The Hof. An idyllic location in the middle of the forest of Bergen. The Hofgarden offers people with a distance to the job market the change to have a meaningful contribution to our organisation. All the herbs and vegetables that we use come from our Hofgarden. They are 100% biological and 100% fresh.

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The blooming foundation

The blooming foundation is, as owner of the blooming group, responsible for the coordination and supervision of the social projects which are selected by the foundation. blooming is a commercial hospitality company without shareholders. The aim of the foundation is to reinvest the company's profits in the form of projects or partnerships and into the organization itself and its staff.

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The delicious bread that we serve comes from Fermento. Fermento is a special organisation who offers work to people with am intellectual disability. At the bakery the bread is baked freshly everyday. Everything is 100% biological. And this you can taste!


Bergensche Blos

In collaboration with the local brewery, Brouwerij Egmond, blooming has brew her own beer. A top fermented and aromatic beer with a lovely freshness from the Sorachi Ace hop and a low alcohol level. The Bergensche Blos is 100% biological.


blooming wine

Originating from wine house Verum in Spanje. Verum is Latin for true or sincere. The Lopez-Montero-Altosa family produces wine and distillates since 1788. They believe that wine is made in the vineyards and not in the barrel. The blooming wine is 100% biological. Also, we only offer a small selection of wines, as a result we need less trucks to deliver the wines to as and we make sure that the waste production stays limited.