geschiedenis blooming

blooming history

built on the foundations of the former Volkshogeschool

anno 1946

blooming was built on the foundation of the former Volkshogeschool (adult education centre), which resided in Het Hof since 1946 and offered people new perspectives for the future. Knowledge and skills were transferred and shared, giving individuals and companies increased confidence. Many organisations and (art) movements grew up to the benefit of all.

In the mid-sixties, Volkshogeschool Bergen developed into a professional training and advice bureau. During the changing 

climate of the eighties Volkshogeschool Bergen, renamed VHS Bergen, stuck to its principles, challenging people to flourish on a social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

blooming hotel grew to encompass two locations; blooming hotel and the estate Het Hof. Inspiration, relaxation, development and growth are also the key notions of the companies in blooming.

volkshogeschool bergen