dining in blooming style

Inspired by the organic Hoftuin and guided by the seasons. Get to know the blooming way of cooking.

blooming focuses on cooking with a palette of delicious natural flavours. The ingredients used come as far as possible from our own organic vegetable garden, which can be found at blooming estate Het Hof, and from farmers in the region. Executive Chef Roel Oostrum gets his inspiration from the Hoftuin. This Hoftuin is the red thread through the menu of blooming. Together with the gardener, Roel makes an annual gardening plan, so blooming automatically cooks with the seasons.

With this wealth within cycling distance of the hotel, it goes without saying that vegetables are the basis for our dishes. This can be found in Restaurant Zandhoeve, with its fully vegetarian flora menu. If you still feel like meat or fish, choose the fauna menu or go for a really good hamburger in the brasserie. For this we work together with carefully selected suppliers. The combination of local ingredients with global spices and cooking techniques guarantees surprising taste combinations.

four places to dine and wine

Restaurant Zandhoeve

On the first floor of blooming hotel you will find Restaurant Zandhoeve, the brand new restaurant of blooming and the showpiece of our executive chef Roel Oostrum.

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blooming brasserie

For a really good hamburger, a special beer or a delicious salad go to our brasserie. Adjacent to the most beautiful terrace of Bergen you can easily spend hours here. At the moment we are working hard to renovate the brasserie. Soon more information.

The Hof Estate

The Hof means one and all glory in Bergen with a view to culture, nature, art and gastronomy. A courteous place that provides gastronomic delights. Closed private meetings here appeal to the imagination in the beautiful monument.

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blooming beach

Staring over the salty sea with a glass of good rosé. Admire the kite surfers against the setting sun with your bare feet in the warm sand. Enjoying the delicious dishes from the beach menu or stretched lazily on a sun bed; blooming beach provides the perfect decor for the ultimate relaxation.

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hoftuin dries achtergrond.jpg

the organic Hof garden

The inspiration of Chef Roel Oostrum does not come from a book. It comes from the past, nature and the seasons. But most important of all: the organic Hoftuin. This Hoftuin is the red thread through the menu and the most important source of inspiration. De Hoftuin is part of the blooming Foundation, which aims to invest in socially responsible projects to give people a chance to develop themselves. Challenge them to bloom. The collaboration with Scorlewald is therefore a logical step. Our bloomers now allow others to blossom as well. What is harvested in the afternoon is on your plate in the evening. The menu is completely attuned to what the Hoftuin offers the kitchen. We are talking about 50 kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruit, which are grown with attention and passion for the kitchen of the restaurant.

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