kookworkshop landgoed

cooking class Het Hof

with deliciously fresh ingredients

unravel the secrets of the chef

A kitchen is an outstanding example of a place where teamwork, creativity, passion, organisation and taste come together and work synergistically. Eating brings people closer together and strengthens mutual ties. Experience it all in the kitchen of Het Hof.

The cooking class starts with gathering herbs and vegetables from the kitchen gardens, which are then combined with other true and delicious ingredients and made into a splendid lunch or dinner. 

Then it's time to put all your hard work to the test; you will taste and toast your culinary tours de force together, in one of the stately rooms of Het Hof.

Would you like to experience a blooming cooking class, with colleagues, friends or family? For a party of 12 or more we can make exclusive arrangements. For a party of 16 or over the cooking class will be combined with a wine tasting. 

Program of the cooking class:

5.00 PM: reception with a fizzy welcoming drink and the explanation of the cooking class
5.30 PM: getting to work in the kitchen
8.00 PM: dinner time!
10.00 PM: ending with coffee or tea and something sweet

(the date and time can be determined after consultation)

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