the Hof garden

a quiet oasis surrounded by greenery

in collaboration with Scorlewald

Seeding, composting, harvesting, raking, mowing, pruning, weeding, maintaining the forest and capping the beans. Whether it's summer or winter, there is always work to do in the most beautiful garden of Bergen. The Hof garden is situated at blooming 'landgoed' Het Hof, an idyllic location in the forest of Bergen, and offers a special workplace for people with a distance to the labor market.

Let everything that flourishes bloom 
'Landgoed' Het Hof consists of three islands. An island on which the countryhouse is build, an island which is currently still free for a game of football, but which will be the home to fruit threes in the future and an island for the Hof garden, which is where the organic vegetables and flowers are grown. Het Hof is part of the blooming foundation which aims to invest in projects and gives people the chance to develop. Challenge them to flourish. The collaboration with Scorlewald was therefor a logical step. 

Gardening with a heart
Dries Olsthoorn is the gardener at Het Hof and a supervisor from Scorlewald. His heart is with everything that grows and thrives. Trees, plants, vegetables, but also people. “It all comes together in the Hof garden, where gardening has a social function. It's beautiful to see how much love our members put into the garden. Whether they are picking strawberries, taking a turnip out of the 

ground, or raking the path, I notice that they are happy. The Hof garden is a quiet oasis, surrounded by greenery, without any external stimuli. They are one with nature, they are able to settle and they take their work very serious because they can see why they are doing it. The beans that have been capped by them are used that very same day by the chefs at Het Hof and blooming hotel. I see those kids flourish here, for which I'm proud to be part of.”

Harvested today, on you plate tonight
From turnips, snow peas and chickpeas, to tomatoes in all shapes and sizes, salsify, strawberries, parsnips and edible flowers like pansies and marigolds. Everything that grows in the Hof garden is organic which you taste. Two worlds come together in the Hof garden. The one of the chef and the one of the gardener. The chef at Het Hof cooks with what the garden has to offer. “I walk through the garden on a daily basis and discuss with the gardener Dries what can be harvested that day. Our partnership is unique. And the contribution of the members of Scorlewald is great. They are drive and eager to learn. Some even come into the kitchen to see how I prepare the vegetables and herbs harvested by them.”

*Scorlewald is one of the institutions belonging to the Raphaëlstichting. The Raphaëlstichting offers care to people with intellectual disabilities.

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