Boring meetings are history

out of the box, into nature

blooming inspires. blooming drives. With our three locations, the blooming hotel, Het Hof and Beach, blooming gives you the opportunitie to upgrade your meeting in a unique way. The activity that you choose depends on the size of the group, the purpose of the activity (relaxation, learning to work together, etc.) and the location wich you prefer.

For every meeting and for every group of people we can offer you a fitting activity. blooming collaborates with multiple different (local) professionals. This means that the activity is always led by a personal, passionate, guide who will inspire the group.

Below you will find a short summary of some of the activities that blooming offers. We can make every activity fitting for your event or meeting. Our sales department would love to discuss the different options with you.

to book an activity
For more information about our activities or to book one of the activities, you can contact our sales department by phone via +31 072 5820520 or by e-mail via


mountain biking

One of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in the Netherlands is located at only a stone’s throw away from blooming hotel. You will discover the beautiful dune area of Schoorl and Bergen under the guidance of a professional guide. You’ll start by learning how to control the mountain bike before you’ll start the challenging ride. Helmet, water bottle and a strong bike that suits your length are included. Experience is not needed.


walking tour

There is a lot to see and do in the beautiful surroundings of Bergen and the perfect way to experience the area is under the guidance of a nature guide. You can choose from the following themes: nature- and cultural history, sensory stimulating or silent walk.

fietsen bij blooming hotel.jpg

bike tour

book a bike ride and ride along some striking architecture and ‘Bergense School’ workshops.



The yoga classes are suited for anyone who wants to feel better on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. You don’t have to be flexible or strong for it. Yoga actually helps you gain more flexibility and strength. With the help of the correct alignment you can support the body in its natural recovery. The yoga classes can be given outdoors if the weather allows it, otherwise it’s possible indoors.



Group sports in the beautiful surroundings of Bergen, under the guidance of a former biatlete/top athlete and nature guide from Bergen. Full use is made of the elements of nature during the course and exercises. Think about oak logs as a dumbbell or an obstacle course with hurdles. Using the relief and loose sand of the dunes gives you a variety of soil, the trees give you a slalom in the forest and natural moss carpet gives you an opportunity for pilates, yoga, stretching exercises and situps.


escape room

Are you also curious about this popular activity? You can now experience an escape room in the near vicinity of blooming hotel. Let yourself get locked up with your team and try to escape as quickly as possible by solving puzzles and riddles that you will find in the room. Will you make it out before the time is up? There are two identical rooms, ‘The Kidnapping Room’, which makes it possible for two teams to compete against each other at the same time.

archery attack.jpg

archery attack

What do you get when you combine archery with dodgeball? This awesome teamsport; Archery Attack! Every player gets a bow and arrow. The arrows have rubber ends so the game is completely safe. Also, every player gets to wear a helmet and mask.

vergaderen exclusief

tai chi

Tai Chi is an acient Chinese art, a movement, a medicine and a martial art. Tai Chi is a complete way to self-education.


kung fu

Kung Fu is a collective name for many types of hard and soft Chinese fighting arts. With dynamic exercises you discover the power of working together. You learn to face conflicts and react in reasonable and effective ways.


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