dopper blooming

no more single-use plastic bottles

blooming joins the PET Free movement of the Dopper Foundation.

the best water comes from the tap

8 billion kilos of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, and that includes single-use plastic bottles. blooming and Dopper think that should stop. That's why blooming hotel has closed the taps for the single-use plastic bottles. blooming joined the international PET FREE movement from the Dopper Foundation in January 2018 which means that every guest with a business meeting package receives his or her own Dopper water bottle. With that water bottle they can use the eight water points that are located in and around the hotel. blooming is the first hotel to enter into a permanent partnership like this with Dopper. 

'We've got very good water in the Netherlands and we should drink it more' says Martijn Lindhout, hotel manager at blooming hotel. 'Our plan for 2018 is to focus even more on sustainability than we've done before. That's why we've also employed a Social Responsibility Advisor'. This sustainable vision is partly the reason for blooming to enter this partnership with Dopper in which the aim is to replace all disposable bottles for Dopper's sustainable water bottles.

At the initiative of general manager and loyal Dopper user Mike Bosman, the hotel will no longer place water in the meeting rooms. The business guest will tap his or her water herself by using the water points located in and around the hotel. 'This way we'll not only reduce the amount of plastic in use, but we'll also reduce water waste since water bottles were often not completely drained and leftover water was thrown away. And don't forget the water that was needed to clean all the water glasses.' The business guests can take their Dopper water bottle home so that they won't need any single-use plastic bottles anymore.

blooming and Dopper want to reduce the large amount of waste from disposable bottles and promote the drinking of tap water by working together. 'It's fantastic that blooming is the first hotel to have joined the PET FREE initiative of the Dopper Foundation. This makes them not only a frontrunner of change within the sector but also a progressive employer', says Femke Holdorp, Dopper's partnership manager. Dopper is a brand with an important message which they like to tell in all sorts of places and ways. 'Together with like-minded people we have more power and we can make an even bigger impact. The cooperation with blooming is a very good example of this. According to Femke, all guests and employees at blooming will soon notice that mineral water is unnecessary in the Netherlands; 'the best water comes from the tap'. 

Besides being included in the meeting packages, the Dopper water bottles are also available in the blooming shop. Every purchase reduces the amount of plastic in the environment - the more Doppers are sold, the fewer disposable bottles are needed - and with each bottle, the Dopper Foundation can take another step further in their mission to make clean drinking water accessible for everyone around the world. Dopper therefore donates 5% of its turnover to the Dopper Foundation which is committed to crystal clear water. From ocean to tap. 

blooming has also added the Dopper water bottle to the cycling and yoga packages to introduce the initiative to the leisure guest.

it's not just a water bottle, it's a planet saving device