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ultimate relaxation at blooming

And relax......stay three days (2 nights) in blooming hotel and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You'll receive a special massage together; the duo essentail oils massage (2 persons). On the first night we'll serve a delicious three course dinner in restaurant Vigor.

Complete your ultimate relaxing at blooming hotel with a super soft Van Dyck bathrobe. Normally the bathrobes costs € 59,50 a piece, but only including the relax package the price is € 39,50 a piece. In step four of the booking process you can add a bathrobe to your reservation. 

Enjoy breakfast in bed with a glass of prosecco on the first morning (2 persons). Then you'll have plenty of time to explore the area or enjoy the swimming pool and sauna. 

together.. or peacefully alone?

For 2 persons:
• 2 nights in an unlimited room or a just me room
• a duo essential oil massage (60 minutes)
• on the first morning: breakfast in bed with a glass of prosecco
• second morning: extensive breakfast in restaurant Vigor
• a three-course dinner on the day of arrival
• access to the swimming pool and sauna

rates for 2 adults in an unlimited room:
price per night: € 217,50

duo essential oil massage
The duo essential oil treatment is a 25-minute back, neck and shoulder massage in combination with a 25-minute back mask. The essential oils are processed in the back mask which is covered with foil. By covering your back with transparent foil it creates heat development whereby substances from the mask are better absorbed by the body.

You can choose from these 4 themes: • stress away • energy boost • deep relief • breathe again

This treatment is for 2 persons. While one person receives the back mask, the other person has the 25-minute massage and vice versa. After an explanation about the different oils and experiencing the scent, you’ll be able to choose which oil fits you.


For 1 person:
• 2 nights in a Just Me Room
• Including an extensive breakfast
• a blooming relax massage
• a three-course dinner on the day of arrival
• bike rental during your stay
• access to the swimming pool and sauna

rates for 1 adult in a just me room:
price per night: € 149,50
upgrade to a regular room: € 30,00

blooming relax massage
The blooming relax massage is a relaxing massage that aims to bring peace of mind and body. The massage calms your central nervous system and balances out your body. Afterwards you will have a sense of connection with your inner self. The blooming relax massage is a wonderful, relaxing moment.

Prices are excluding € 2.50 p.p.p.n. tourist tax and administration fees.

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