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Bergen is a town in the province North-Holland, located between the beach of the North Sea and the cheese city of Alkmaar. The municipality has known cores as Egmond, Schoorl and Bergen. The latter is mainly known as an artists’ village by artists such as Charley Toorop, Leo Gestel and Tjipke Fisher, poet Roland Holst and others who where the founders of the art movement called the School of Bergen. Bergen is a great place for lovers of culture, good food and 

drinks, shopping, cyclists and walkers. The versatility makes Bergen a nice place to stay. The same goes for Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee and Hargen with a variety of beach pavilions. blooming beach is located behind the Parkweg and is the southernmost beach club of Bergen aan Zee. Hiking and biking trails lead you through beautiful dune area.

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