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Bergen and its surroundings

for lovers of nature

discover the beautiful surroundings of Bergen and Bergen aan Zee

Bergen is a special village with a beautiful location in the forest. This has also attracted several artists to the village. The village offers a cozy center and around the Ruïnekerk are numerous boutiques and terraces. The surroundings of the blooming hotel are colourful with forests, a vast dune area, beautiful cycling routes and a wide beach. Bergen aan Zee is only 3 kilometres away. The picturesque village of Bergen has been attracting tourists for a hundred years who enjoy culture, nature and relaxation.

The forest of Schoorl, the North Holland Dune Reserve and the beach of Bergen aan Zee are all beautiful places to enjoy nature. One day you wander through the forest, race over the dunes and get a breath of fresh air on the beach. This is only possible in Bergen and Bergen aan Zee.

When you have crossed the wide dune area of Bergen aan Zee, you can see the North Sea looming up in the distance. The beach of Bergen aan Zee has miles of white beach, many nice beach pavillions, enough parking space and the possibility to rent beach beds and surfboards. Everything you need for a wonderful day at the beach is within reach! Both in summer and winter you can enjoy the surroundings. As if it were a refreshing dive or a brisk walk. And all that at 20 minutes by bike from the hotel.

The Noordhollands Duinreservaat is one of the largest nature reserves in our country. The area stretches from Wijk aan Zee to the Schoorl Dunes. It is about 20 kilometres long and on average 2.5 kilometres wide, with an area of 5,300 hectares. The area includes dunes, beach, inner dune edge forests with lots of relief and some smaller nature reserves. In the nature reserve you have a great chance to encounter wild animals, such as Scottish Highlanders and wild horses. (via PWN)

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In the Bergerbos, the old country estate character of Bergen is still very well recognizable. The Sparrenlaan and the Jan Willemslaan still lead your gaze to blooming Het Hof Estate. Between these avenues lies the old woodland area. You will find whimsical oaks with an undergrowth of mosses or lush holly, another typical accompaniment to old forest. You can walk along wide paths and narrow roads. Don't forget to stop at Landgoed het Hof to visit our organic vegetable garden.

Not afraid of a bit of climbing and descending? Then climb the Schoorlse Duinen, Holland's highest dune area in the Kop van Noord-Holland and plenty of room to get a breath of fresh air. A century ago it was one big sandpit here, now dozens of bird species breed here, the most beautiful mushrooms grow there and the sunlight plays with thousands of tree leaves.

Alkmaar is only 7 kilometres from the hotel, which means that you can be in the city centre within half an our from leaving your hotel room. Perfect for a nice day out. Alkmaar, also called the Cheese City, is a beautiful authentic city with beautiful canal houses, nice cafes and restaurants, a nice shopping street and lots of nice places to discover. On Saturdays there is a market, in high season there is a Cheese Market and on Thursdays it's shopping night. During your stay at blooming hotel a trip to Alkmaar really should not be missed.

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